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YUYAO Exhibition 2018-2019

CHINA (YUYAO ) International Plastic Expo 2018 & The 20th China Plastic Expo  and CHINA (YUYAO ) International Plastic Expo 2019 & The 21th China Plastic Expo was hold in Ningbo Yuyao China Plastics City International Exhibition Center .

The exhibition attracted more than 29,000 effective merchants and achieved a total turnover of 3.9 billion yuan.

The expo has a total exhibition area of about 70,000 square meters, 3,400 booths and five exhibition areas, including plastic raw materials, plastic machinery, mold machine tools, plastic products (small household appliances) and intelligent robots. A total of 707 enterprises from domestic and overseas have took part in the expo

The exhibition lasted for three days and opened four indoor exhibition halls (4 # - 6 # - 8 # - sharing Hall) of China Plastics International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition focused on metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, metal sheet and pipe processing equipment, electrical processing and laser special processing machine tools, mold manufacturing and processing, mold materials and 3D additive technology, automation equipment and technology, industrial and commercial equipment Intelligent equipment and technology such as measuring and cutting tools, machine tool functional parts, etc.

The exhibition aims to bring the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment to the manufacturing industry in Yuyao area, assist enterprises in industrial innovation and production technology upgrading, so as to improve the market competitiveness and popularity of enterprises.

Every year, our company will take single wall plastic pipe extrusion line to participate in the test and produces plastic pipes on site. Besides, the different exhibits the machine we take is also different, which attracts a large number of customers to watch and want to know the details on site. There also have a few customers who have agreed to visit the factory and place orders on site. Every time we are  surprised, excited, and grateful .


Post time: Nov-02-2020